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Zen designs, develops and manufactures world-class training simulators taking all possible realistic conditions into consideration. It has been providing high-quality training solutions to the Indian Armed Forces over two decades and is specialized in R & D solutions. It leads the field of simulators and focuses on developing technologies to cater to specific needs of its varied customers. Its customer base is wide and covers organizations like Indian Army, Police, Para-military, Security Forces and other Law enforcement agencies.

Zen strongly believes that training through simulation is the only way to perfection.

“Good-quality training of the Indian Armed Personnel has become the utmost necessity in the backdrop of a highly complex environment.”

– K K Kaura (Committee Co. Chairman of the CII)

“Simulation Technology is the answer to enhance the combat capability of the Indian armed forces.”

– Air Marshal KK Nohwara

Zen products are the result of extensive research, testing and development. So it prefers to take in candidates who have the zeal, desire to learn, passion for work and who are ready to contribute to the innovation and advancement of simulation world.

Zen challenges its members to innovate, experiment with ideas and witness the result of their efforts with utmost satisfaction. Zen offers ample exposure to individuals who work with enthusiasm and dedication. Personnel from Army with an ability to pass on hands-on experience and knowledge of military-war equipment are also welcome.

Zen incentives are learning, development opportunities, promotions and awards. Periodic training, appraisal programs and focused investment in latest technology give Zenists the opportunity to grow professionally and create the kind of work that has kept Zen at the forefront of the global simulation industry for the past two decades.

The company encourages Zenists to explore their work domain and think beyond existing boundaries. It expects them to “Do what needs to be done than just what they are told to do”. It is imperative for every employee to understand the vision of Zen and contribute for its growth and progress.



“Passion is the driving force for any kind of innovation or development. But sustainment of such kind of passion throughout the career requires suitable opportunities. The freedom given to me to explore and experiment has retained the student in me for all these 10yrs. I can now confidently say that I can achieve 95% success rate on any kind of project with any level of difficulty.”

– Manager (R&D – Electronics)

“Zen completely deals with the LIVE projects and this gives the employees enough exposure in the varied technical aspects .The fact that the coding developed by the software person at Zen would be used to train the army individuals is an achievement in its own way.”

– Project Manager (Software)

“Art is the kind of field where challenges alone can bring the best out of an individual. I started my career at Zen as a graphic designer with the sole intention of honing my skills. But with the kind of projects and work ethics at Zen, I could now proudly say that any situation is never beyond the art person’s imagination.”

– Team Lead (Art Dept)

“I have joined Zen as a technician after changing 3 companies. The major difference that I could find is that at Zen the management gives support & importance to the individual with talent and zeal towards the work, irrespective of the level of position the individual holds.”

– In charge Production (Mech)

“The only expectation with which I joined Zen was to excel in design field. The tremendous training that I received developed an attitude which has given confidence & courage to develop innovative designs. Also the thought that assisting Indian army in protecting the country men gives a sense of pride & increased responsibilities.”

– Team Lead (R&D – Mech)

“We believe that an individual will be able perform effectively only if he/she is given an opportunity and freedom to think beyond the existing boundaries. We strive to create and provide that kind of work environment to our employees which helps them to develop and bring the best out of them. We never believed that the academic percentages and the brand value of the institution would define the talent.

Zen Technologies has up till now succeeded in providing the opportunities to all individuals who have exhibited a quest for knowledge and are keen learners. Encouragement and Support are the two attributes which Zenists enjoy all through their association.”

– HR Team



1. Medical Insurance

To take care of employee’s health & to assist emergency medical expenses, all regular employees are covered under medical insurance policy up to Rs.2,00,000/-

2. Personal Accident Insurance

Zen provides an insurance cover to all its employees between Rs. 5, 00,000/- to Rs.11, 00,000/- depending upon the grade of the employee.

3. Provident Fund

The Company has an account with the Provident Fund Commissioner’s Office and contributes a certain amount towards each eligible employee.


The Organization is covered by the Employees State Insurance Act of 1948 and provides a comprehensive health insurance scheme to an insured employee and his/her dependents. This policy is also designed to ensure compliance with the appropriate provisions laid down by the law.

5. Gratuity

Employees who complete 5 years of continuous service in Zen are eligible for Gratuity benefit as per Gratuity Act.

6. Annual Bonus

As per company policy.

7. Incentives

Performance/project based incentives on successful completion of projects.

8. Referral Bonus

The organization encourages existing employees to recommend personnel who are well suited to join the Zen family and its work culture. The employees are eligible for a referral bonus as per company’s referral policy.

9. Holidays

Zen follows 5 day week policy.

10. Canteen & Gym Facility

Canteen & Gym Facility is also available.




Job Opportunities for Self-taught Engineers:

Zen Technologies Limited is the leader in simulation industry, designing, developing and manufacturing products that cater to the needs of Defense, Security Forces, paramilitary forces, civilians and miners. Zen accords importance to innovation and creativity. It has a research and development division In-house and specializes in indigenizing and customizing its products. Zen has supplied a number of training simulators to the Indian Army.
Zen never believed that the academic percentages and the brand value of the institution would define the talent, as it encourages its staff to come up with out-of-box solutions. Zen expects its staff to do “what needs to be done” rather than being told to do.
Zen is keen to hire programmers, engineers and designers who are self taught and highly skillful. Come and join Zen to get an opportunity to work for the nation’s security:
Applications are invited from:
1. Self-taught Programmers (Software)
Skill set: C,C++, VC++ Programming, Good logical thinking
2. Self-taught Engineers (Electronics R&D)
Skill-set: Embedded C, C++, Micro Controllers, Analog and Digital Circuits, Firmware
3. Self-taught Design Engineers (Mechanical)
Skill-set: mechanical design & drawings with SolidWorks, Pro-E & Catia-V5
*Note: Candidates who are self-taught and have experience only need to apply
Interested Candidates send their resumes to hrdept@zentechnologies.com referring to the position.

Other Job Openings:

Job Title Area of Expertise Exp. Details
Excellent working knowledge of 3D modelling (autodesk maya, autodesk max ),  and 2D Texturing Adobe  Photoshop
2-5 yrs
Exp in Design and Development of new products,Proficient knowledge on Solid works, Solid works EPDM, AutoCAD
3 to 5 Years for B.Tech, 5-7 Years for Diploma
Exp in Document Development Life Cycle , Software Development life Cycle & excellent written Skills
2-3 Yrs
Exp in Firmware Designing, Embedded C, Microcontroller
2-8 Yrs
Exp in Optics Design, Integration, Testing of optical systems
1-2 Yrs
Excellent Mathematical Skills, Logical Skills & Knowledge on C Programming
Exp on 3d Game engine Tool along with Programming Skills on C++
3-7 Yrs

Fraud Alert

Zen Technologies Limited firmly believes in ethical values. That applies to the process of recruitment as well. Only the talented are employed at Zen.

There have been complaints from candidates that they had been offered jobs at Zen for a price. Note that these are fake job offers and don’t take them. Before any offer letter is issued, screening of the candidate is done by written test, technical interviews, HR interview, management interview and thorough background check. Only after undergoing this process successfully, is one eligible to join Zen, for which an offer letter is issued.

Only if you go through the process and get the letter officially from Zen it is a genuine offer otherwise it is a fake.

If you have any questions on the authenticity of the offer, feel free to call Ms. Radha, Sr. Manager – HR on 040 – 23814894