Employee Benefits

1. Medical Insurance
To take care of employee’s health & to assist emergency medical expenses, all regular employees are covered under medical insurance policy up to Rs.2,00,000/-

2. Personal Accident Insurance
Zen provides an insurance cover to all its employees between Rs. 5, 00,000/- to Rs.11, 00,000/- depending upon the grade of the employee.

3. Provident Fund
The Company has an account with the Provident Fund Commissioner’s Office and contributes a certain amount towards each eligible employee.

The Organization is covered by the Employees State Insurance Act of 1948 and provides a comprehensive health insurance scheme to an insured employee and his/her dependents. This policy is also designed to ensure compliance with the appropriate provisions laid down by the law.

5. Gratuity
Employees who complete 5 years of continuous service in Zen are eligible for Gratuity benefit as per Gratuity Act.

6. Annual Bonus
As per company policy.

7. Incentives
Performance / project based incentives on successful completion of projects.

8. Referral Bonus
The organization encourages existing employees to recommend personnel who are well suited to join the Zen family and its work culture. The employees are eligible for a referral bonus as per company’s referral policy.

9. Holidays
Zen follows 5 day week policy.

10. Canteen & Gym Facility
Canteen & Gym Facility is also available.